I make a good pot of beans

I Make a Good Pot of Beans

Christians like my beans.
Right-wing, left-wing—they like my beans.
Buddhists like my beans.
Muslims and Jews like my beans.
Agnostics and atheists.
Mexicans and gringos.
Vegetarians and meat eaters.
The drunks down the street like my beans.
I know some politicians who like my beans.
Likewise some ex-cons and thieves.
Friends of mine.
All of them.
Poets of course like my beans.
Probably some novelists.
A few holy men, a few holy women
(not too many out there).
Even my kids and grandkids like my beans.
Write me a letter.
I’ll send you the recipe for my beans.


Image from the “Simple Mom” website


Glenn Buttkus said...

It is good to be a bean master. Perhaps you have put your stirring spoon and poet's focus on something very important. Perhaps it is not music that is the universal language, it is beans. Beans are spoken, accepted, and consumed in every country, within every culture. I am sure that I too, a broken down teacher and ersatz poet, would love a mess of your beans.


Glenn Buttkus said...

My mother, who passed away at 39 years old, used to be mostly a housewife, and she would bake bread, and cook up a storm all day. One of her specialties was chili. She would simmer it all day on low heat, adding sausage, steak, or chicken as it simmered, along with chili pepper and other goodies. When we came in the door that evening, the odor would bring us to tears; both the spiciness and the passion put into it. My grandmother would make a special kind of navy beans, simmering a long time too, with ham hocks and onions and mushrooms in it. I loved both messes of beans, as well as these dearly departed ladies.


jb bryan said...

Dear Mister Byrnd,

I don't know if I will like your beans, but I would like to try your beans. I am glad that you know beans. You do not mention what kind of beans. Shouldn't this be mentioned since there are so many different beans? Does one recipe work for all beans? Are there wrong beans?

Joanna Roskam said...

That's THE BEST poem about the magical fruit that I've ever read. It touched me on a spiritual level. Seriously. Thanks for posting it! Please visit my blog and leave a comment if you wish. http://mydailydevote.blogspot.com/