My Reading at the Dia: Chelsea, NYC, September 15th 2015


The Dia: Chelsea posted the audio of my reading from September 15, 2015, along with Todd Colby's, and I wanted an accessible place to link to it other than Facebook or Dia. Hence, this blog entry. The reading is 25 minutes long, and it was preceded by a delightful introduction by Vincent Katz which I am pasting below. I hope you enjoy the reading. Doing this reminds me that I do enjoy posting blogs and hope to get to more of it in the New Year.

And here's Vincent Katz' Introduction. Vincent does thoughtful, fun introductions, after reading as much of the poet as possible. Speaks well of him, huh? He is the Curator of the Chelsea Reading Series. He's a good poet and a good guy, one of those poets who do a lot for the poetry scene, collaborating with poets and artists, putting together readings, cobbling together a living.

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Steve Brown said...

Wow. That poem about your brother encompasses about everything. Truly amazing. You are such an astonishingly warm poet and person. I feel so deeply privileged to have had crossed your path. I was too young to fully get it then, but I do now. Thanks.