Saying Goodbye, Saying Hello

Thanks to my friend the photographer Bruce Berman 
for introducing me to Depardon's photographs.[1]
Santa trudging through Central Park. My gosh, the photograph speaks eloquently about this time of year.You got to be careful wherever you live. You'll look up and see Santa trudging through the goo of your life. 

I wish to send my best wishes to all of you--peace, good health and well-being in your mind, body and heart. Peace and understanding too for the U.S./Mexico Border and for the world. It's a precarious time now for our communities and for the generations to come. I'm one of those old fogies that believe that peace begins in our own hearts. Blessings to all. 

Here's something I scribbled down the day after Christmas. It's sort of a minimalized diary of my own Post-Christmas day.  

Monday, December 26, 2011

This is the way the year ends and begins—
Extra little Merry Christmas turds.
Snowmelt seeps out of the mountain.
You can end this poem anyway you want. 

[1] Shit. I don’t like to use so obviously copyrighted material. But sometimes the impulse of the time overrides my concern. I’m guilty here, and I’ll be happy to remove this post if somebody asks me. In the meantime, please visit Depardon’s site and Wikipedia Page. He’s a remarkable photographer.

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