The Streets are empty on the other side:

Calle de las Novias, Juárez, January 2010

"I can’t imagine you really keeping all your selves apart from each other--when the whole is so great."
--from a letter from my friend Patsy Aldana, publisher of Groundwood Books. She lives in Toronto, but is Guatemalan and a frequent visitor to Mexico. She visited here a few years ago and she loved walking around the downtowns of El Paso and Juárez. She reads about the carnage and the sorrow and the chaos and, like the rest of us, she feels very sad and helpless.

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Glenn Buttkus said...

Very haunting image, Bobby. The media has been strangely silent about Juarez for a month or so; old news probably. Where will the solution come from, when will it present itself? American stoners and dopers will still have the big bucks to buy the drugs, and the cartels will still want to snare that capital. The picture alone cries out, wants a poem written, wants an anthem played, wants to bend the corners of time back onto itself, and fill the streets safely again. Sad and helpless indeed, a state we all find ourselves in much too often these days.