Rumor is that all the 7/11s in El Paso will soon be putting in Poetry Machines near the candy bars. To learn how to get your own poetry machine, check out MOLOSSUS, an online broadside of world literature. Good stuff. Viva for everybody who makes poetry machines.

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Glenn Buttkus said...

Yeah, why not poetry machines. They could stand proudly between the chips and twinkies at airports, bus stations, and up scale Starbucks. It beats making xerox copies of one's poetry and handing it out on street corners, or putting it under windshield wipers in Wal Mart parking lots. Maybe MacDonalds will wrap their burgers in poetry, and that would catch on like fortune cookies. Then we could get Burger King to put poems on their drink cups. How about Haiku on toilet paper for
that short read before wiping?
Perhaps your Press could set up
other forms of paper vending
machines to compete with the Little
Nickel, or Real Estate News.