Death Rider on Texas Avenue

Death Rider on Texas Avenue.
He needed 70-cents to catch a bus.
He told me I wouldn’t believe him why.
I didn’t. It’s the luck of the draw.
I wish it made sense but it doesn’t make sense.
August and we can almost taste the cooler weather.
Bright tomatoes. A cantaloupe.
I gave him $5.


Glenn Buttkus said...

What to do with a panhandler? A woman walked up to me in Tacoma the other day, as I was parking my old pick up, and asked for bus money. Like you, I gave her $5. Normally I deny access to my wallet to these folks, but there was something about this woman in her 60's, like an old class mate who had fallen on very hard times. She wore cleanish clothes and had most of her own teeth. I finished parking and walked up the street to the corner store to get a deli
sandwich. She had beat me there, and as I walked in I noticed she
was buying a pack of cigarettes. I suppose it shouldn't have mattered,
but that pissed me off, and I felt once again the victim of yet another con.


Bobby Byrd said...

Glenn, thanks for the comment. I'm 67 and for me after all this time on the planet, when I give a person some money who asks for it, then I try to let it be theirs. I don't always succeed. Oh well. This guy in the picture is a nice guy. We had fun talking. I wish him well.