Lee & me at Poetry Project at St Mark's in New York City

The Poetry Project has invited Lee and me to read at St Mark's at Wednesday night, 8pm. It'd be great to see anybody and everybody. Eileen Myles and Elinor Nauen will be there reading their favorite selections from Harvey Goldner's The Resurrection of Bert Ringold.
This whole thing started when Eileen and Elinor were driving cross-country back to New York City and they traveled through El Paso. We gave them a copy of Harvey's book and they loved, reading it aloud, pushing along the back-easter freeways with Eileen's cat grooving in one lap and then another. One thing led to another, they talked it up with Stacy Szymaszek and here we go. We're excited.

Cinco Puntos Press will also be exhibiting at the 21st Annual Indie and Small Press Book Fair, thanks to their generosity and support. The 2-day celebration takes place at the New York Center for Independent Presses at 20 West 44th Street. Artist and writer Youme Landowne, creator of the graphic memoir Pitch Black about life and art in the subway tunnels of NYC, will be at our booth both days, and on Sunday she'll be reading and talking about Pitch Black. Also coming by our booth will be Cuban artist Mauricio Trenard, illustrator of Joe Hayes' collection of Cuban stories, Dance, Nana, Dance / Baila, Nana, Dance; and Christopher Cardinale, illustrator for our upcoming graphic novel Mr. Mendoza's Paintbrush, a realization of Luis Alberto Urrea's story of the same name.

¡Viva Mr. Harvey!

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