A Christmas card from Harvey

This is a Christmas Card (dated Dec 12 1996) from the late poet Harvey Goldner to his two girls who were living with their mother. His awkward handwriting reads:

Solving the Mysteries of Christmas: (#3) If God is the Prince of Peace, Why Is There So Much War?
Dear Kids,
Last night I went to Jack-in-the-Box & ate 2 Jumbo JACKS. Shortly afterwards I got diarrhea real bad & began to hallucinate. I had a vision of God's face on the side of my bathtub. I asked Him the above questions. HE said: "Don't blame ME; it's Santa's fault. If only good little boys go what they want for Xmas, Santa would be Out of Business. Except for 1 or 2, all little boys are BAD, and some want bikes and some want AK-47s. I'll let you in a secret: Santa is really Satan. If you don't believe ME, ask Pat Robertson."

Cinco Puntos Press will publish his book of poems The Resurrection of Bert Ringold in late January 2008.

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Bobby Byrd said...

Note from Harvey's daughter Emily--
Actually, that card was to Amy and her husband Peter, it must've been the year they were married, and they were living in Phoenix. I guess your grown-up children are still called your "kids."
Anyway, probably doesn't really matter, just a clarification. Dad was hilarious!