Sabbath the News & Do the JB Manifesto Dirt Boogie Waltz

JB Bryan & his Drum Kit

This morning I avoided the news. I'm letting the long reptile of history slither along without me for a few hours. So instead of the news, I re-read a manifesto from my buddy J.B. Bryan--cantankerous poet & painter & book designer / publisher & zenster & now odd-ball musician. J.B. is good with the manifestos. He's always hammering them out. They never seem to work quite right, the world doesn't listen, his friends don't listen but that's okay. He'll discover another in the weeds or the pumkin patch. He'll send out into the ether free of charge. Of course he'd accept in trade something from your garden or a polka dot shirt or perhaps a good bottle of wine (red).


I worship the sun.
I don’t worship a Sun God or the Son of God.
I don’t worship the works of mankind.
I live happily as part of the earth.
Where else are there lilac bushes?
Apricot blossoms may or may not bring apricots.
Everything gets to know earthworms.
Let us, at least, honor the miracles we live as.
Human beings have been drawing pictures
as long as they have been singing,
or whistling.
I worship the present moment.
The best language is sign language
or wildly beautiful clothes.
I do like the photovoltaic cell,
something powerful enough
to power a small vehicle for free.
The human race may or may not be smart.
We should go back to horse power.
Saddles and wagons, even go bareback.
We need to eat off cups & plates
made out of clay dug from our own backyards.
We should be living in one horse towns.
Horses should be fed from our gardens.
Theories don’t help.
The actual use of plants matters most.
We need chlorophyll as much as any other hunk of biology.
Horses love grass,
their shit makes flowers bloom.
I worship watermelon sugar.
This planet is known as Water Ball.
We live briefly upon it as we circle the sun.
I worship hydrogen & oxygen.
I worhsip every galaxy.
This planet doesn’t need saving,
it’s just our own home we’ve screwed up royally.
Even Kings & Queens of Industry shall perish.
For God’s sake, don’t use the word “Lord.”
Even frogs will have their revenge.
I worship common sense & kindness.
“Hoka Hey! It is a good day to die.”
I need to be as lovely as a pumpkin or else.


Joanna Roskam said...

A poem or any idea is a beautiful thing. It isn’t made of subatomic particles. It isn’t a “hunk of biology” either. It comes from a poet’s soul. Thank you for thoughtful brushstrokes and wistful melodies about our Creator’s craftsmanship. Please visit my blog and leave a comment if you wish.

Anonymous said...

hadn't read this one yet, so glad I did. thanks for posting with this great photo!