George Carrizal, 1945-2009

El Paso artist George Carrizal is dead. David Fleet called me up last Wednesday to tell me. “He was my friend and once he was my lover who I talked to every night. He cared for me and worried about me until the very end.” Artist Cesar Ivan put together a wonderful blog of photographs and paintings to honor George and David wrote a moving tribute to his dead friend which he read at George’s funeral yesterday (Saturday, 10/11/09). This is an act of re-membering in the old sense--putting a life back together in one’s memory, in the collective memory.


Glenn Buttkus said...

Very moving, Bobby. I posted your notice, and Davids tribute, and went over to Cesar's blog, and posted some of Jorge's great art. It will open even more eyes to see it all together. The real problem with being sectigenerians is watching our own arteries harden, becoming overly sentimental over everything, and witnessing our friends dying; and when they are younger than I am, it seems to make a stronger tug at my sense of mortality.


raw poetry by donna snyder said...

I loved George so much, Bobby. I'm glad I found this today. He's been much on my mind.