May Day! May Day! Poet Eileen Myles in El Paso and Las Cruces

May Day! May Day! Poet Eileen Myles will be in El Paso and Las Cruces next week. She will be reading with me on Thursday, night April 30, 7pm, at the Percolator downtown. and in Las Cruces the next night at 730 pm. I'm honored to reading with Eileen. She's truly one of the most interesting ("savviest" is a word I read) poets writing. I get all her books. And I read them too. The El Paso event is hosted by the Dishonest Mailman Series of the UTEP Writing Department, and the Las Cruces event is hosted by the NMSU writing program. It's so nice that the two writing departments are collaborating these days. It means good things for the writing community along the border. Kudos to Connie Voisine (NMSU) and Rosa Alcala (UTEP) for greasing the wheels so this can happen.

EL PASO: Thursday, April 30th, 7pm
The Percolator Cafe, Stanton Street downtown

LAS CRUCES: Friday, May 1, 730pm
Corbett Center, NMSU, Las Cruces, NM
2pm a talk about writing in the NMSU English Bldg
For more information, call Connie Voisine, (575) 646-2027

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debbie said...

Goodness! I did vote for Eileen (and for Jose Rodriguez and Susan Larsen, who were on the ballot,though Eileen wasn't, and it was a real pain in the ass to get the election clerks at the polling place -- Vilas School - to give me the correct write-in supplies).

El Paso, of course, is on Mountain time, and I cast my Eileen vote at 2 p.m., after waiting for EST and CST returns to make sure Clinton was winning nationally so I wouldn't have to worry about not "Getting Behind Bill," as Eileen so ably and anal-satirically put it.

I also voted for Prez in 2004 and 2008, but was then in New York, where my voting strategies were different but similarly reasoned...Thought of Eileen both times...